Why you should use free money in the online casino

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Why you should use free money in the online casino

Online casino games are very popular in the whole world, and millions of people take part in this form of gambling. Mobility, anonymity, profitability and convenience are just some of the advantages which online casinos have over land based ones, and it certainly seems like the future of gambling will be virtual and that paper cards are definitely going to be replaced with the ones created from pixels or even holograms. But for now, players still need to be shown the way, and even though millions of them are playing from their computers and mobile phones, casino owners want to turn more and more people into their regular costumers. In order to attract a client who could become a regular, traders in all branches usually have to offer some additional product or service, and online casinos are using precisely this technique.

The method of awards, bonuses and special prizes is a well-known psychological technique designed to relax us and make us grow feelings of sympathy and liking for the provider of the reward, which is pretty much the same thing which we use when training our dogs. Awards given by online casinos are given to us only if we fulfill certain requirements, and this system of milestones and rewards works very well for casino owners. They create sophisticated software to make sure that our resistance is futile, and that we, in the end, take as much bonuses as we can.


However, there is generally no good reason for you not to go for the bonuses, since they are a simple and efficient method which can help you increase your account level in no time. Bonuses can be given in different stages of your connection with the casino, and they also depend on the amounts which you deposit. For example, there are bonuses given before the game, or after it, and they are concerned mostly with deposits and certain calendar issues.

welcome-bonusOne of the first bonuses awarded to players who come to an online casino is welcome bonus, or sign-up bonus. These awards work on a very simple principle – once the player creates his or her account, the casino will give him some money in order to learn the system and become a part of the gambling world. That is it. No hidden agendas, no malicious intent, just take your money and play. Yes, you have to spend in at the casino in question and yes, you recognize the hidden plan now – you have to spend it at the spot, which probably means that you will spend more than you originally received. This rule applies to most casinos and most players, but exceptions are always possible.

Other types of bonuses include deposit bonus, which means that the casino will “follow” your first deposit and reward you with the same amount, or even double it, and there are monthly bonuses, which are sometimes called “reloading” bonuses, due to their nature and the fact that players have to renew their membership status every month in order to qualify for this award. There are many other types, but they are very similar and players should use them very carefully.

Guide to Online Casino Bonuses

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Types of online gambling

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Types of online gambling

The growth of easy to use technology changed everything, including gambling. It’s still changing every single day and it’s bringing you new ways of entertainment from the comfort of your home. In the following article we’re going to focus on the games you might want to try out online. Let’s see what online gambling actually has offer to you?

If you remember the older days, if you wanted to gamble, you needed to go to a regular casino and spend so much time traveling to that place just to see if you’ll have any luck. On the other hand, you did have great options to choose between: there were many pokies, roulettes, card games. Also, regular “money making houses” offered sports betting as well as horse racing betting. If you’re now wondering what happened to all of these games, were they able to cross into the virtual world, the answer is – yes. You can now play all of these games online, from the beautiful comfort of your home. Just to be clear, let’s see what can you play online today?


Interested in a poker game?

Probably the most famous game with cards today is the poker. Everyone seems to like it, but not everyone is good in it. Some of the passionate poker players could now find something to complain about. For example, they might say that online poker game could not be compared with the 3one that you play in the real world because you can’t see your opponent’s eyes and see whether he’s bluffing. It might be true, but playing online poker games gives the same amount of excitement as the old one did. Most commonly, players like to choose the Texas hold ‘em poker. You can play against the house or the real players. There are many tournaments where you can make some money through tournament fees.

Make it roll! Care for a roulette game?

Another thing that is very popular, and we could say that has been popular ever since it was made up, is, of course, the famous roulette. Let’s be honest, the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says “casino” is the roulette. You instantly think about the blacks, the whites, the reds and a little ball that brings luck and money. It’s another game that hasn’t lost its power of entertainment even when transferred into an online game. You can play it against “the house”. You want to be careful, though, as the odds of winning are most often in favor of the house, as you might have guessed yourself.

Learn how to play roulette and how to maximize your chances of winning

Sports betting: also available!

packshotFor all of those who are passionate about the sports, the good news is that it’s also available online. Can you imagine anything easier than sitting in your living room, watching your favorite team playing an exciting game and cheering, while testing your luck online? Sports betting has never been easier. Place a wager on the outcome and see what happens.

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Online Casinos you should avoid in wide arch

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Online Casinos you should avoid in wide arch

In a world of online gambling house always has the edge, but that doesn’t make them scammers. It is a bit unfair, because you always have more chance to lose than to win, but that is life and all players know that. But there is big number of online casinos that will go a step further and cheat players in order to generate more profit. They are scum, but they exist, and here I will make a short list of online casino sites that scam people, and of course you should avoid them.

slide4The palace group of online casinos that include JackpotCity, Ruby Fortune casino and several others are first entry on this list. Main crime that they are accused of is unethical practices connected with changing of terms and conditions whenever they seem in players favor. Many other issues are also present, and they will not be resolved due to unwillingness of people behind those casinos to work to the benefits of players.

amigotechs-riggedAmigotechs is another scam online casino which is guilty of rigged poker games. First evidence of this came out in 2011 when a player posted logs which have proven that he didn’t get any winning hand in 922 hands on online poker machine. The chances of this happening are over one in millions of trillions in a fair game. Even though that player had all evidence nothing was done against this casino. Second case happened in 2015 (I don’t know how many other cases happened between these two occasions, but there were some) when a player posted a log which has proven that he didn’t get anything stronger than two pairs in 560 hands. In these cases software is programmed to keep the house winning while making it impossible for players to achieve any profit.

1Moore games are a scam online casino which refuses to acknowledge withdrawals. To explain it more clearly they are declining withdrawal requests and deleting part of the funds from accounts. For example one player requested a withdrawal of 9 000 Euros, and it took over four months to withdraw only 5 000. After a week or two other 4 000 disappeared from his account and after complains the support of the casino told him that they have log files that can prove that he lost that money even though he didn’t play anything. This is just one of the many examples of scams this casino done.

Fair and true randomness is essential in many online gambling games and Slotland and Winaday manipulated those odds to go in their favor. There has been a lot of talk about the near-zero possibility of winning a jackpot in their casinos. It isn’t just pokies and their jackpot which has suffered rigged randomness. A player decided to test the randomness of the roulette (single-zero roulette) in Winaday casino by placing a bet on a single number. He played 1156 spins with that bet and never won, and chances of that happening are 1 in 57 trillion which proves that their randomness is not really random.

How to Avoid Online Casino Scams


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Different types of android pokies

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Different types of android pokies

It seems that in the world of android phones every game looks one to another. That there are no inventive games no more. Friend told me the other day that he downloaded another candy saga game. I can’t remember what it was called but it really sounds stupid if you are replacing jewels with diamonds once in a while. If you are not aware, these things are the common symbols in these games. Ok, I get it you like it, and you there are different types of the same game. But maybe you could try something new. Something better. I advise something new and better, and I advise you the same. I am talking about android pokies. You don’t know what this is, well let me explain.

Pokies is a slang for slot machines (you may also know it as fruits). It’s easily confused with poker but you know it already that game of poker and slot machines aren’t so similar. They can both be machines and can be connected through gambling but other than that, no. Anyway, pokies became very popular through the country and especially for androids. So what types of android pokies are available you ask? I will tell you four most popular.

gameOfThrones1. Game of Thrones

For starters, there is something you should be familiar with. This is the most appealing game for all new users. Like the TV show, The Game of Thrones is a top-notch hit among the pokie players. The characters and the situations are used from now already famous TV show. So you will enjoy in a game itself, but also in all things that include this magical kingdom called Westeros. Maybe in this game, Ned Stark will not die.

2. Slotomania

The most successful game, so as I heard. As the commercial for this game says -The fruit has gone mad in Slotomania! There are 80,000 coins available in this 5-reel 14-payline pokie. Some say that this is a classic game. Maybe even pioneer in the world of android pokies. I think that this is a game with the best commercial success in android pokies world.

3. Mermaids Millions

As Thunderstruck this is also a 5-reel, 9-paylinegame. Water theme gives realistic experience, where you will swim and go through the waters of the deep sea, alongside with the mermaids, to see if you win the main award. All sea creatures are there. Seahorses, Oysters and Lobsters… You will try to wint the main priye, but you will also enjoy in discover glittering treasures at the bottom of the sea. Well, not literally, that is just a slogan.

Mermaids Millions Game Promotional Video

4. Thunderstruck

No, we are not talking about famous AC/DC song. This thunder themed pokie is great fun. It has 5-reel, 9-payline slot. It has Thor as main character and he is represented as the Wild symbol, which doubles your winnings when doing the right combination. You have free spins that can be retriggered if some symbols appear during the round. And if only two symbols appear, you’re still a winner.


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All you need to know about mobile pokies

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All you need to know about mobile pokies

Mobile gaming is on the road to become largest market of online gambling. Mobile pokies have made great breakthrough in online gambling. But that point is still in the future due to lack of technology which would bring same gaming experience to mobile devices compared to PC online gambling.

But mobile pokies evolved and there is a fine variety in them as you can see in following list:

× There are still some rather old types of mobile pokies which are straight slot pokies. Their payoff change only with the height of the wager.

× Then there are also quit old progressive slot machines. These machines have progressive jackpot which increases with every next wager you place. In this case every mobile pokies game has its own progressive jackpot.

× Then there are mobile pokies with 1 line and 3 reels. This is the basic form of pokies in general in which you increase winnings with higher wagers, and there is no choosing how many paylines you play with because there is only that one.


× Then there is an upgraded version of previous pokies game with 3 reels and only three basic paylines.

× Next type of pokies is same as previous one, but it also has two diagonal paylines.

× Then there are slots in which your wager determines the number of paylines that are active.

× The most common are high-tech machines which come with different themes, different additional bonuses and mini—games and sometimes even in 3D format.

× And at the end we have progressive jackpot pokies which represent some number of pokies that are connected to single progressive jackpot.


If you are interested in how those mobile pokies work, how they know when to give you and when to make you lose then go and do a little research about RNG or Random Number Generator. This software is created to imitate the randomness that exists in real life. Mobile casino sets the RNG to give the certain percentage of all bets directly to them. This percentage is set between 1 and 20 percent in case of regulated casinos.

How The Random Number Generator of a Slot Machine Works

And for the last party of this article I will give you some advice about mobile pokies in general:

  • royalvegasmobileAlways do a calculation that will determine which wager size is the best for your budget. You should aim at good number of spins at some middle-height wager.
  • Look for news about mobile pokies that have tendency to pay out well. Those mobile pokies have small house edge which gives players better chance.
  • Always check payout table and remember which combinations give you what.
  • Keep track of your credit in the game and don’t force spins if they are not giving you anything to work with. It is better to be on zero than to exit game without anything.
  • If you are serious about playing mobile pokies then place limits on amount of money you are allowed to spend per day, or even better per session.
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Online Gambling – Mobile Pokies

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Online Gambling – Mobile Pokies

Old fashioned way of gambling and playing all kinds of games of luck has changed significantly under the influence of the modern age. Technological progress and advances of hardware and software first made all traditional casino games available online, on different websites and nowadays, you can play many pokies on your mobile device. You don’t need to be attached to your desktop or laptop any longer; any model of smart phone enables you to play mobile pokies while on move.

Using potentials of Adobe Flash and HTML5, software providers like Microgaming designed platforms for mobile devices enabling players not just to play their favorite casino games, but to also enjoy the same or similar quality of sound and graphics available to those who play online games on the bigger screen. These softwares are programmed to detect the specific type of device you use and to automatically adapt settings to its performing capacity. Private information provided on the account, so as the money deposited on the account are secured when playing via mobile device as much as private data on any other online casino.


All major operating systems, including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry support online pokies and all of them are well optimized to make playing simple and convenient. The procedure involves pretty much the same steps as when you play online at your desktop or laptop. You can use your browser of a mobile phone or download application. After you choose trusted online casino, you create the account and deposit desirable amount of money. Choose the game and follow the rules of the game. Most casinos and all of their games work smoothly on the mobile devices, but you should still be careful when choosing online casino.spinpalace-mobile-app There are still some casinos that lag with updates of their software, so either they support only small number of mobile pokies, either they run slowly.

Royal Vegas mobile casino, All slots mobile casino and Spin palace mobile casino are just some examples of trusted and well functioning online casinos providing mobile pokies. They offer a wide range of available online pokies for mobile devices. Some of the most popular and currently most frequently played mobile pokies are Lord of the rings, Thunderstruck, Avalon and Mega Moolah.

Thunderstruck II Mobile Slot Preview

In order to get mobile pokies, you can visit some trusted websites, such as Jackpot city, Royal Vegas or Spin city. When you open the web page, select mobile playing and pick your mobile device. Create you account on the registration page providing all the requested information. Most of these web sites will offer you to play directly from the browser or to download application. All of them, also, support several different currencies. After you have set the setting and read the terms and rules of casino, choose a game from the list. If everything goes well, you should be able to enjoy the same quality and entertainment and to test your luck and skills, without any limits of how, when and where.


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